Cult of Mac - "Ultimate stand for all your apple devices. It's certainly an attractive solution to a problem a lot of people have.."

Appletell - " I’ve used and reviewed a few here at AppleTell, most of which concerned themselves with either looked good sitting under Apple products or with providing additional functionality. The UNITI Stand, now on Kickstarter, seems concerned with both.."

TheAwesomer - "A smartly designed aluminum stand for iMacs and Apple Thunderbolt monitors.."

StupidDope - "Can't Stand Wires? Get the UNITI Stand | First Look.."

Design Father - "Thanks to the geniuses over at iForte, UNITI has a natural anodized finish that helps it blend in seamlessly with your iMac or Apple display .."

GEAR Hungry - "This aircraft grade aluminum stand matches your iMac or Apple Cinema display in aesthetic.."

Design Milk - "A multifunctional iMac stand for all your desktop needs.."

TrendHunter - "UNITI Stand - comprehensive computer stand.."

Ubergizmo - "The UNITI is a stand, charger, and dock for your apple devices.."

Techbox - "UNITI Stand - clutter on your desk is a thing of the past.."

Yanko Design - "United We Stand - iPhone, iPod, iPad and iMac.."

CoolMaterial - "UNITI Stand has universal device docks.."

HUH - "The UNITI stand hides all your apple cables.."

TechMASH - "Organize Your Apple Gear with UNITI Stand.."

Gadgetsin - "Charging station, USB hub and desk organizer have been integrated into iForte’s UNITI Stand.."

TUAW - "we see a lot of crowdfunding campaigns targeted at the mobile world, but not all that many that are creating accessories for the Mac."

VertigoBlog - "UNITI Stand, a creation of the company iForte with which they wanted to provide a solution to have a clean desk.."

Interiorhacks - "UNITI Stand is a display stand smart that does not impair the design your Mac.."

Instash - "Apple Fans, Get Organized with the UNITI Stand.."

BRIT+CO. - "This one charging station will juice up all of your devices.."